Excursions & Music Package

Did you know that Leprechauns are real?  It’s true!   As you Encounter Ireland you’ll experience the local culture and what it really means to “be Irish.”  Each excursion will be lead by one of the leading archaeologists in Ireland, and take you to not only the well know historic places, but also to exclusive sites, many not open to the public.   At night, you’ll enjoy a mix of musical opportunities.  From jamming, workshops and concerts with host artist to traditional Irish musicians, and even and evening of storytelling from with tales that date back centuries!


-Visit historic castles and natural parks

-Enjoy time in The Burren as well as the Cliffs of Moher

-Guided tours to sites, many not open to the public

-An evening of storytelling, learn the history of Ireland and it’s people


-All music workshops, and entry to all concerts by host artist (Nu-Blu)

-Special workshops with traditional Irish musicians

-Ever wanted to jam in a castle?  Here’s your chance!